Country Profile: Norway


Children aged 3 to 12 months​

At-risk groups:
At-risk groups aged 2-64, including anatomical or functional splenic deficiency; cerebrospinal fluid leak; HIV/AIDS; B-cell deficiency; stem cell transplantation; haematological cancer (leukaemia, lymphoma and multiple myeloma); organ transplantation; cochlear implant; chronic liver disease; primary or congenital immunodeficiency condition; other cancers; chronic kidney disease; homeless and drug addicts; iatrogenic immunosuppression (except in case of organ transplantation); diabetes mellitus; celiac disease; reduced ventilation capacity; chronic lung disease; chronic heart disease; previously undergone pneumococcal pneumonia or IPD; alcoholism; smoking; occupational practice with increased risk

Older adults:
All people over the age of 65

Coverage figures (2021)

Children: 95.71%

At-risk groups:

Older adults:

Vaccination advisory body/committee

Norwegian Institute of Public Health (Folkehelseinstituttet)

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ECDC vaccine scheduler:

At-risk groups

Norwegian Institute of Public Health:

At-risk groups: vaccination is recommended but must be purchased online with the approval of a doctor. The maximum retail price is NKr 344.40.

Older adults

ECDC vaccine scheduler:

Older adults aged 65 and over: vaccination is recommended but not funded by the National Health system.

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