Country Profile: Ireland


Children aged 2 to 13 months​

At-risk groups:
At-risk groups aged 2-64, including diabetes; chronic lung, heart, liver, or kidney disease; chronic neurological disease; children aged over 2 years and under 5 years of age with a history of invasive pneumococcal disease; coeliac disease; Down Syndrome; cochlear implants or are about to get cochlear implants; immune deficiency because of a disease or treatment, including cancer patients; HIV infection; absent spleen or a non-functioning spleen; CSF leaks, either congenital or complicating skull fractures or neurosurgery; intracranial shunt

Older adults:
All people over the age of 65

Coverage figures (2021)

Children: 85.45%

At-risk groups:

Older adults:

Vaccination advisory body/committee

National Immunisation Advisory Committee

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