Country Profile: Lithuania


Children aged 2 to 15 months​

At-risk groups:
At-risk groups aged 2-18 with specific conditions (see References), plus all adults over 18 with underlying health conditions including chronic kidney disease; nephrotic syndrome; persons undergoing dialysis or peritoneal dialysis; patients with tumors; after hematopoietic stem cell transplantation; after transplantation of parenchymal organs; rheumatic diseases; liver fibrosis and cirrhosis; hyposplenism and congenital asplenia; cerebrospinal fluid leakage; cochlear implants; HIV; androgenic immunosuppression; immunodeficiency; diabetes; chronic
heart diseases; COPD

Older adults:
No recommendation

Coverage figures (2021)

Children: 82.29%

At-risk groups:

Older adults:

Vaccination advisory body/committee

Board for Coordination of National Immunization Programme

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