Country Profile: Germany


All children under the age of 2

At-risk groups:
At-risk groups aged 2-64, including T-cell deficiency or disturbed T-cell function; B cell or antibody deficiency (e.g. hypogammaglobulinemia); myeloid cell deficiency or dysfunction (e.g., neutropenia, chronic granulomatosis, leukocyte adhesion defects, signal transduction defects); complement or properdin deficiency; functional hyposplenia (e.g. in sickle cell anemia), status n. splenectomy or anatomical asplenia; neoplastic diseases; HIV infection; after bone marrow transplantation; immunosuppressive therapy (e.g. due to organ transplantation or autoimmune disease); chronic renal failure, nephrotic syndrome or chronic liver failure​

Older adults:
All people over the age of 60

Coverage figures

Children: 82.37% (2021)

At-risk groups: 25.60%1 (2022)

Older adults: 23.30%2 (2022)

Vaccination advisory body/committee

Standing Vaccination Committee (Ständige Impfkommission)

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1 People aged 18 and over with underlying health conditions within the last six years, up until 1 January 2022.

2 60-74-year-olds without underlying health conditions, from those aged 60 up until 1 January 2022.

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